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What We Do

Cuddly Lion Productions LLC offers event photography services in the DC area. We specialize in photographing Christian worship services and concerts, as well as military ceremonies and events. If you want us to photograph your event, even outside of those areas of specialty, please contact us.   


We offer very competitive rates. The price for our services will depend on travel distance, number of hours on-site, anticipated number of hours we will for editing afterwards, expedite fees, special equipment rental, and other concerns. Please contact us and describe what you need us to do for you, and we will quote you a rate.

While we try to provide as accurate a quote as possible, please know that our final price is determined upon delivery. Here are examples of services we would increase our final price to cover: if the event lasts longer that we were told, if you request images to be re-edited for subjective or artistic concerns (not for an obvious technical issue), if you request additional images to be edited (for example, you request an additional photo to be produced from a raw image featuring a slightly different facial expression), or if you request images to be cropped to a different aspect ratio than you initially specified. To prevent surprises, communicate with us in advance so that we will be able to give you the most accurate price.


You must pay one-half of the quoted price up-front as a non-refundable deposit, and sign our contract, before we will put you on our calendar. This is to encourage clear communication and prevent misunderstandings. The remaining price is due upon delivery (we have posted the images to a gallery and sent you the link to download them).


Our lead photographer is an active duty military member. In circumstances where unanticipated, genuine military duties conflict with a contracted event, we will notify you of the conflict as soon in advance as possible, recommend an alternate photographer, cancel the contract, and refund your deposit.


Our general policy is to deliver photos within one week of the event. We will give you a guaranteed delivery date on the contract, upon which final payment is due and we will deliver the photos for download. 


If you commission us to document your event, our standard policy is to grant you a non-exclusive perpetual license to the finished images. This means that you can use the images however you would like without consulting us first, forever. We retain the copyright, which means that we legally still own the images and we can share them in galleries on our website, sell prints of them, promote our company, or for other lawful purposes.       

“Finished” Images?

In any production process, there are raw materials, a process, and finished products. For example, if you buy a car, the manufacturer does not also include all of the cardboard boxes, broken parts, and other waste items from the manufacturing process. They give you the finished car that has passed their quality control process and is (hopefully) perfect and worthy of their company name being placed on it. When a photographer documents an event, he captures a lot of raw images on his camera, some of which you will never see because they’re blurred, photos of uninteresting objects such as the floor, badly composed, or very similar to other photos. When you hire me, you are paying me for my equipment, time (to capture photos during the event, sort through them, and edit the best ones into finished images), my skill, good sense and judgement (not including photos that are embarrassing to those in them), and to produce a reasonable number of good photos afterwards that document the event well. We do not provide waste images to the customer and will only provide the raw materials (“raw format photos”) to the client in special circumstances, with additional fees.


By hiring us for the event, you accept any liability that results from us being there to take photos. You are responsible for any liability that results your use of the photos. For example, if you decide to use an image of a person in the crowd at an event on a billboard, endorsing your product, and that person sues you, you may be liable. Consult an attorney to clarify any concerns that you have before using the images.

Model Releases

We photograph events for documentary purposes, and we try to do so as unobtrusively as possible. We do not intend to sell the photos for advertising purposes or for stock photography, so we do not routinely gather model releases. If you intend to use our photos for advertising purposes, it is your responsibility to gather releases from the people featured in them.

Venue Access

By booking us for your event, you accept responsibility for gaining venue access for us (verbal permission, media credentials, etc), and advising us of any photography restrictions (no tripods, flash, floor access, etc.). If you fail to let us know of those restrictions before the contract is signed, and we cannot feasibly complete the job, we will terminate the assignment, and we will keep your deposit. If, at our discretion, the discrepancy is non-fatal, we will notify you of the conflict, but we will attempt to complete the assignment after advising you of the potential impact on the quality of our finished work. If you will be busy during the event, or are not an agent of the building owner, we will require you to provide contact information for a representative of the venue prior to the day of the event.

The Product

We will provide you access to an unlisted, private gallery containing the finished JPEG images which you can download at full resolution. If you require an alternative delivery method, please let us know.


If we’ve been paid for our services, the finished images will not contain a watermark. The digital images will contain our information in the metadata. 


If you would like us to print your photos for you, we can print photos on photo paper up to 13x19 inches ourselves and send you them in the mail; contact us. If you would prefer to order prints through SmugMug (our gallery hosting provider), they would be delighted to arrange it for you, but we receive no money from them. It’s your choice.

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